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Photograph of a woman's eyes and nose. A stripe of rainbow light illuminates her cheeks.

Looking for Something Specific?

Search our reviews by title, author, lead actor, or identity (lesbian, gay, transgender). Alternatively, you can click on any tag that appears on the end of each post to see other reviews with the same tag. Please note that you can only use one search term at a time.

Looking for a Specific Ending?

Use this search feature to find reviewed content that ends the way you want it to. Some titles will show up under more than one of these options to allow for some interpretive wiggle room (i.e. Portrait of a Lady on Fire appears both under Neutral Ending and Happy Ending, depending upon how you look at it).

Once our review database grows, we’ll be adding search trees so you can search more specific endings like “wlw films with neutral endings” or “transgender books with happy endings.”

Happily Ever Afters (HEA)

Happy Endings

Neutral Endings

Sad Endings

Tragic Endings


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